All in all a very simple idea that gives immediate assistance when needed.

It’s now been about 4 months since I received my E-Fab. It arrived through the post promptly and well packaged. I was eager to see exactly how compact the unit would be as although I was keen to the idea of having it with me all the time I was wearing my hard hat, I wasn’t keen on the idea of anything that adds extra weight. Especially with some of the long shifts we can do from time to time. I spent a bit of time reading the install instructions which are clear and very easy to understand and had it fitted within a few minutes. I tried shaking the hat vigorously to see if I could dislodge it but it didn’t budge at all. The unit weighs very little and I honestly could not tell the difference between having it fitted and not.

Over the next few days nearly every time I removed my hat at breaks etc someone would comment or ask what it was that was inside. I think because of how visible it is being bright red within a white hard hat. I was more than happy to explain what the item was and why I had it. Everyone was impressed with unit and I guess to some degree pleased that a few of us are always about with them close at hand.

Thankfully I have not had reason to deploy it but knowing it’s always there is good. I demonstrated it also to one of our medics who was impressed. They had some comments on other items that they would like to see included if they were to use one. Handy that the guys at E-Fab can custom spec the units to your needs.

I barely notice I have it fitted and would now feel slightly uneasy not having one. I guess a bit like the feeling of driving without your seatbelt on or riding a bike without a helmet. Therefore I’ll continue to replace it once the time comes. I believe E-Fab even get in touch with you as the expiry on the medical items gets close so you can refresh it. Great for people like me as I’m bound to forget.

All in all a very simple idea that gives immediate assistance when needed.

M Russell
Junior E&I Engineer 
Oil and Gas Industry


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